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At Alsco Uniforms, we’ve been providing professional textile rental services throughout New Zealand since 1910. Known for our friendly approach, Alsco Uniforms’ services include uniforms and workwear, commercial linen, floorcare and mats, and First Aid systems.

Our other division, Fresh & Clean offer services including washroom services, soaps, sanitisers, air care, and feminine hygiene, through to consumables such as toilet paper, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and equipment. We’ve carefully honed our fully-managed rental services to be efficient, timely, and cost-effective – no matter what.  Having called New Zealand home for well over a century, we want to partner with businesses that share our passion for looking after our unique and precious environment – sharing a mutual determination not to mindlessly put growth before protecting our environment for future generations.

At Alsco, we like to measure our success in terms of staying true to our core values – protecting our People and our Planet. For us, sustainability is about the welfare of everything around us – our People, our Planet, and our Community.

Join The Alsco Uniforms Team!

Alsco Uniforms strives to be a workplace that people want to be a part of and where their safety and wellbeing is a priority. 

As the industry leader in employment conditions, we take pride in treating our diverse workforce with respect. Offering competitive wages, guaranteed hours, overtime rates, better conditions, regular pay reviews, and family friendly hours, we prioritise the well-being of our employees. Our commitment extends to employee assistance programmes, fair employment practices, and a safe work environment.

As our business continues to grow and expand both in New Zealand and overseas, dedicated employees find ample opportunities for development and internal promotion, making Alsco Uniforms a dynamic and rewarding place to build a career.


Our Opportunites


Alsco Uniforms has multiple entry-level positions that have on the job training opportunities and are suitable for everyone! You can start off in our store areas, production, service, or admin. The great part about Alsco Uniforms is that you can always shift within departments or move to different branches. If you’ve got the right attitude and drive, there will always be a position for you! We encourage promoting from within and developing our talented employees.

  • Career development
  • Personal growth
  • Attitude favoured over experience & credentials


With 8 different production facilities and engineers running these daily, we have multiple different trade apprenticeships positions every year. With this apprenticeship, you can become a fully qualified Maintenance Engineer, gain a full-time position, and potentially continue further internal promotion to Engineering Manager like Richard Riwai.


We are constantly on the lookout for talented part-time and fixed-term employees to help out over our busy summer season. We have multiple opportunities offering 40-hour weeks for full-time, stable employment with set shifts. No more weekend work or inconsistent hours, the majority of our positions are 7 – 3.30, Monday to Friday!

Leadership Development

Alsco Uniforms partners with Competenz to provide plenty of growth opportunities for our diverse workforce.

We have multiple courses throughout the year where our most talented employees can showcase their abilities, gain new qualifications, and learn more about our company. Each attendee will be working towards a qualification and developing a company improvement project.


Meet Richard

Richard Riwai, former Engineering Apprentice

Richard Riwai is a shining example of Alsco Uniform’s apprentice support and development opportunities, becoming the newly appointed Palmerston North Engineering Manager.

“I started with Alsco Uniforms in 2013 as a washroom team member and I was then promoted to team coordinator in the washroom after a year. I was the Washroom Team Coordinator for 12 to 14 months when an opportunity came up in the Palmerston North Engineering Department to fill an Engineers position.

I was offered a six-month trial in the Engineering Department with a possible apprenticeship at the end of the trial. I got through the trial and did my apprenticeship over the next 3 and 1/2 years. I finished the qualification and became a fully qualified Maintenance Engineer in the team here in Palmerston North. When the Engineering Manager vacancy came about, I applied for the position and was successful. I am now as excited as ever to get my feet under the Managers desk and lead the Palmerston North Engineering team to the next level.”


Meet Zach

Zach Smith, Processing Manager

The Alsco Uniforms Management Development Programme (MDP) is a professional growth opportunity carried out in Australia and New Zealand. The programme runs over two years and equips participants with leadership and management skills to enhance their careers.

Zach Smith is one of the recent graduates from the MDP programme, which is actually the third step in developing Alsco Uniform’s future leaders. Zach has previously completed the National Certificate in Business, Level 3, and the National Certificate in First Line Management, Level 4 management courses.

“I started my journey with Alsco Uniforms in 2009 as a Service Delivery Person. Over the next 3-5 years, I was promoted to Service Delivery Supervisor, subsequently becoming the Service Delivery Manager not too long after that.

After 12-18 months of doing this role, the opportunity came up to relocate my family to Napier as the depots Business Manager.

During this time, I was honoured to be selected for the Management Development Programme, which meant I was able to join & make lasting relationships with 19 other leaders across New Zealand & Australia.

This group was then broken into 4 smaller groups of 5 leaders, which each had a project to implement real change within the company along with completing course modules to help us upskill further. Along with other training courses Alsco has provided me over the years, this has enabled me to bring all this learning back to my branch to assist the team.

After completing the 2-year MDP programme, I have now been given the chance to lead a team of 60 as the Plant Processing Manager back in Palmerston North.”


Meet Haris

Haris Murtaza, EECA Energy Management Graduate

“The graduate program, which was developed after careful consideration of the business being able to meet its energy reduction goals has provided unparalleled learning opportunities for us. It has instilled a greater level of understanding around energy and carbon data, while further refining our focus and widening the scope for sustainability initiatives.”

The EECA Graduate Programme has enabled Alsco Uniforms to have a dedicated resource deployed to review and improve Alsco’s energy management practices and implement efficiency.​

The programme ensures that the business can commit the time and resources needed to analyse how energy is being used and the best ways to make savings.

The goal of the graduate programme is to deliver 2GW of savings, corresponding to approximately 3% of Alsco’s entire energy usage and equivalent to switching off 220 million LEDs or powering 18,000 Electric Vehicles. To date, 66% of the savings have been achieved and quantified, with a further 67% of energy-saving projects identified and proposed. This will ensure that Alsco does not only meet its EECA graduate programme goals but exceeds them.

Diversity & Inclusion

Alsco Uniforms promotes a diverse and inclusive work environment where everybody has an opportunity to grow and develop.  Our workforce has a multitude of needs, and as an equitable and fair employer, we must do our best to meet them.

Alsco Uniforms is committed to being an employer of choice across generations, emphasising internal promotion through our Leadership Development Programme. Recognising the value of diversity, we actively eliminate bias in recruitment, accommodating various needs. As a proud member of Diversity Works NZ, our workforce mirrors the diversity of the New Zealand community, allowing us to anticipate and meet the varied needs of our customers.

We foster a culture of respect and dignity, enabling individuals to reach their full potential regardless of differences. Our diversity, spanning dimensions such as ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion, and more, promotes innovation and contributes to our business success.

Sustainability at Alsco

Alsco Uniforms is committed to the reduction of its energy usage and subsequently, its carbon footprint. To achieve this, we work closely with our employees, customers, and the community.

We partner with our suppliers and contractors to understand and comply with community and legislative expectations and regulations. We do not just meet industry environmental standards – we constantly strive to exceed them and encourage our employees, clients, and business partners to help us do so.

Alsco Uniforms has worked with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to launch energy saving initiatives, whilst also being courageous to adopt and test newer technologies. This includes but is not limited to, the uptake of the first long-distance intercity heavy EV freighter in New Zealand, moving to a wood-pellet boiler in the processing facility in Nelson, and has amalgamated two old inefficient plants into one efficient processing facility in Richmond.

With EECA’s support, Alsco Uniforms has also employed an Energy Management graduate. The company will, with assistance from our graduate, reduce energy usage by 2 GWh at the end of the programme. This corresponds to approximately 3% of Alsco’s entire energy usage and is equivalent to switching off 220 million LEDs or powering 18,000 Electric Vehicles.

In 2018, Alsco Uniforms committed to four Big Bold Sustainability Goals to guide the business through to the year 2030.

Proud sponsors of…


Alsco contributes both financially and with our time monthly throughout the year. Employees from Alsco Uniforms’ Support Centre in Ellerslie and our Auckland branch in Kingsland volunteer for a day each month at the City Mission. We are helping with a wide range of activities that includes cleaning, sorting of donated clothing, general housekeeping duties and of course the cleaning of dishes from the greatly appreciated meals provided each day. 


Medical Aid Abroad NZ (MAANZ) tell us our linen and “expired” first aid supplies are in great demand in those poorer nations who have no or little funds for medical services and supplies.

Alsco Uniforms has donated over eight pallets of goods to MAA destined for many worthy causes, mainly in the Pacific Islands such as Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and the Solomons, and even to Cambodia and Korea recently.


The Million Metres Streams Project is the result of discussions with people, businesses and organisations across the country who have committed to work together to accelerate the riparian restoration activity in New Zealand by injecting a new stream of resources.

The core idea was this: to make it easy and exciting to invest in the health of our waterways – to open it up to everyone in New Zealand – people and businesses wanting to do good.


Alsco Uniforms has been an enthusiastic supporter of Kidney Kids since mid-2018. Alsco Uniforms has been an incredible supporter of Kidney Kids from fundraising with corporate golf days, to offering management support and guidance, Alsco Uniform’s support is much appreciated and has helped Kidney Kids maintain support for our kids and their whanau.

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