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Discover Why Every Day is Earth Day at Alsco Uniforms!

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With lush landscapes, fantastic forests and magnificent maungas, Aotearoa’s residents know just how important it is to keep our country green. Luckily, one of the country’s most-trusted manufacturing companies does, too!

At Alsco Uniforms, working towards a circular economy with zero waste is a key part of the business model. Keep reading to discover how they’re making a difference, and unlock our top tips for aspiring eco-advocates, too!

Introducing Alsco Uniforms

With a company ethos that’s firmly rooted in the promotion of sustainable practices, Alsco Uniforms operates with Aotearoa’s interests at the forefront of mind. The company has been a local staple for over a century now and is dedicated to only partnering with businesses that share their environmental focus. In short, they prioritise conservation over growth, a mindset that has led to them becoming one of New Zealand’s most trusted manufacturing companies!

Since their New Zealand debut in 1910, Alsco has amassed a passionate team of over 870 employees, operating out of eight processing facilities and fourteen depots across the country.  This means they boast plenty of employment opportunities for future-focused eco-warriors! With their core values surrounding the protection of “our People, our Planet, and our Community,” those joining forces with Alsco can feel confident that they’re working towards a better world.

Find out more or begin working towards your sustainability journey with Alsco at their employer profile.

Alsco in collaboration with ImpacTex transporting materials for recycling

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

After partnering with ImpacTex, another eco-minded and locally owned business, Alsco has made some pretty impressive strides towards diversion and circularity. Since the beginning of their collaboration, the duo has given new life to over 30 tonnes of used textiles!

Wondering how this could be possible? Take a look at the panels and coasters in the image below. The bright bits of yellow and orange aren’t just for aesthetic appeal; they’re actually parts of Alsco’s rental Hi-Viz garments that have reached the end of their (first) life cycle.

Alsco Hi-Viz recalled into coasters and panels

This isn’t the only way that Alsco’s recycled uniforms can be used, either! The possibilities are endless; in fact, the team has been busy turning them into acoustic panelling, signage, billboards, posters and more!

Making a Circular Economy a Reality

You might be wondering, what is a circular economy? Thankfully, it’s a lot simpler than it sounds.

Referring to a model of production that extends the lifecycle of products, circular economies (or Ōhanga āmiomios) prioritise recycling, refurbishing, and repairing. Essentially, they work against single-use products that harm the environment!

Working towards their goal of achieving a Zero-Waste model of production and promoting a circular economy are at the heart of all that Alsco does. By realising the potential of garments that, to the untrained eye, look bound for the bin, Alsco is contributing to a brighter future for all kiwis.

Sustainable Steps to Take at Home

So, you want to follow in Alsco’s footsteps and make some positive changes for Aotearoa? We’ve put together our top tips to make a difference.

  1. Shop second hand (we know you trade-me hunters will love this one)!
  2. Donate old clothes rather than binning them.
  3. Learn to sew so you can repurpose old garments.
  4. Avoid fast fashion where you can.
  5. Apply for a job with Alsco here!

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