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Fashion Retail? It’s Much More than a ‘Just for Now’ Career Path!

21 April 2023
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What do Jay Jays, Smiggle, Dotti, Just Jeans, Portmans, Jacqui E and Peter Alexander have in common?

Nope, it’s not just that they’re fashion retailers. They all sit under the portfolio of The Just Group – an incredibly inclusive company that wants to show you just how exciting a career in retail can be!

Coralee, Cluster Manager with Jays Jays, and Renee, Senior Regional Manager with Dotti, join us to share more about their exciting roles and how they’re going from leadership strength to strength with the fantastic support of The Just Group!

Jump into this one with Coralee and Renee and discover:

  • Who The Just Group are and the brands that make a part of their portfolio.
  • What Coralee and Renee’s roles involve, and what a typical workday might look like for them.
  • How they both discovered The Just Group and started their roles.
  • Some of the highlights of their careers so far and what makes working for The Just Group the perfect place for them.
  • What some of the biggest misconceptions are about working in fashion retail.
  • Why working for their brands is about so much more than fashion retail and how they work to create a supportive, inclusive workplace with heaps of opportunity to grow.
  • All the great training opportunities on offer to boost your skills.

We loved the incredible journeys these two women have taken with their careers and how The Just Group has supported them to grow from strength to strength to be in their current leadership roles.

Coralee and Renee are perfect examples of how fashion retail isn’t just a ‘for now’ job – it can definitely lead to a thriving, lifelong career!

Find Out More

As New Zealand’s most exciting fashion and apparel retailer; Just Group operates over 155 stores across all New Zealand.

There’s a world of leading retail careers to be discovered with these leaders, and we know just the place to start!

Find out more about The Just Group and its 7 Brands via their dedicated Explore Careers profiles and explore where you might end up with one of New Zealand’s most exciting retail groups.”

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