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Hit ALL Your Career & Life Goals as an Auditor With Findex!

14 November 2022
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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: accountancy is NOT the boring career path that too many young people seem to think it is!

And here, to say it louder for those in the back, is Piper Ryland, an Auditor with Findex. After joining Findex through their trainee program, Piper has progressed through the company, learning heaps along the way, travelling around the country and buying her own house!

Piper knew university wasn’t for her, and after learning about Findex through her accounting teacher at high school, she knew exactly where she wanted to start her career.

Join Piper as she shares with us:

  • More about who Findex are, what they do, and what her role as an Auditor involves.
  • How learning about Findex at high school led to her starting a career with the financial services leaders through their trainee program.
  • What the team culture is like at Findex, the flexibility they offer those who are studying and working through their programs, and how this has been the perfect way to connect what she learns in the classroom with real-world problems.
  • How Findex are all about internal promotion and development, meaning the opportunities for you to progress are endless!
  • What Findex looks for in new employees, but how knowing you want to work in the industry will set you up well to demonstrate the commitment and motivation that leads to success.

We loved hearing about Piper’s journey and her big plans for her future! Definitely give her full talk and listen and learn about where a career in accounting could take you.

Find Out More

As one of Australasia’s leading and most geographically dispersed integrated advisory firms, with over 100 offices throughout Australia and New Zealand, Findex believe in creating an entirely different financial services group and recognise how essential their teams are in achieving this goal.

The possibilities are endless as you gain the technical skills, experience and opportunity to carve a one-of-a-kind career pathway with room to grow! Check out their complete profile at Explore Careers to learn more.

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