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There’s More than Meets the Eye With a Career at Downer!

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A career that’s hands-on, helps you grow, gets you qualified AND provides travel opportunities? Where do we sign up!

There’s definitely a lot more than meets the eye with a career at Downer, something Jack Conchie can tell you all about. While looking for a career change, he discovered Downer and has never looked back.

Jump into our chat with Jack and learn more about:

  • Who Downer are, what they do and how they support essential services in the community.
  • What Jack’s role involves and some of the other exciting projects you could work on with a career at Downer.
  • How Jack learned about Downer while looking for a career change and never looked back.
  • Some of the biggest misconceptions about working with Downer – it’s not just about working on roads – there’s SO much to get involved in!
  • What makes Downer a great workplace and their awesome team-focused culture.

Alongside some excellent advice for anyone interested in starting a career with Downer (and starting your career in general!), we loved Jack’s focused, committed approach to his career journey. Make sure you give it a listen!

Find Out More

For over 150 years, Downer has been developing, building and maintaining some of this country’s most iconic infrastructure that contributes to the way we all live and work.

But what makes the difference and shapes their success as a company is the melting pot of amazing people from all walks of life. Different strengths, skills and perspectives, all working together.

Discover where a role with Downer could take you with their dedicated Explore Careers employer profile!

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