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Want to be a part of New Zealand’s leading suppliers, manufacturers and innovators of world-class building solutions? Well, you’re in the right place!

We’re proud to say FMI are a classically Kiwi-owned company. Being New Zealand’s leading world-class building solution is no small feat, and it’s certainly no walk in the park. We have built an empire from our humble beginnings in Timaru to the company you see before you.

FMI Building Innovation supplies materials and components to New Zealand’s building and construction industry to help create safe, happy, healthy homes.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?!

Not only are we living it up in the big smoke (Auckland), but we’ve also kept our roots in the south with an FMI branch in Rolleston because there’s nothing like going home at the end of the day.

Manufacturing is a huge industry to get into, if you’re hands-on and keen to learn, then the manufacturing industry is the career for you.

At FMI Building Innovation, we have multiple different factories, which means many different options for you to choose from.

We are able to offer internships that allow you to gain real-world experience if you want to go straight into the workforce. Not everyone is made for University, and we understand that!

Not only will we keep you busy at our factories, but we are also working on Zero Homes.

This means:

  • Zero Carbon
  • Zero Energy
  • Zero Waste

What better company to get involved with than an innovative one? If you’ve got a good idea, we’d like to hear it. The better the process, the easier the production.

Entry into the manufacturing sector is varied with many different roles, so no matter what pathway you choose, there will be an opportunity here for you.

Do we have the job for you!

We have many opportunities going on behind the scenes here at FMI! These opportunities are in Auckland glass, Christchurch glass and our warehouse teams that deal with and create a multitude of different components for our products. These roles are the backbone of this company and what makes the work go around. Every now and again, there are opportunities in other departments of FMI, such as Marketing, customer service, you name it, we’ve got a department for it, so keep an eye out!

At FMI, we have multiple different Factories. Each factory is different but is an equally integral part of making the business tick. Each factory is integrated and relies on one another as one big team.

Auckland Glass plant: At our Auckland Glass plant, we can teach you IGU, Processed Glass, Cutting, Glazing, despatch, how to be a store-man etc.

Christchurch Glass plant: At our Christchurch Glass plant, we can teach you IGU, Processed Glass, Cutting, Glazing etc.

Profiles Factory (Aluminium): Here you are able to work in powder-coating our metals, beginning of our line workers, end of the line workers, despatch etc. Lots of opportunities.

Pre-Fabrication (Aluminium Doors): At our pre-fabrication plant, we make Aluminium doors and specialised doors. You can learn a craft here that will take you places. You can learn how to use hand tools, measure accurately using our CNC machines and whatever else you would like to get into.

Accessories: We make our very own accessories to go with our windows and doors. In our accessories factory, you are working with small pieces of metal and using big equipment. Much like our pre-fabrication plant, here you will learn how to use machinery.

If any of these sectors are of interest to you, then get involved. Ask the right questions, so we know exactly what your interests are and where to place you.

To help you along with the process, we have listed below some important information that you may need to know:

What you need to apply

  • To be legally entitled to work in New Zealand or hold a relevant work visa, if you currently do not hold an NZ work visa, you will not be considered.
  • Complete the online form.
  • A cover letter, CV (and sometimes other supporting documents) as a PDF.

What we will do:

  • If we need more information from you, we may call or conduct a phone interview with you
  • If you’re someone we’d like to get to know more, we will get you in for an interview where we will ask you questions about yourself and your work history.
  • We will keep you notified as these processes track, so we don’t keep you waiting!

Working at FMI

We are trying to create products that enable Kiwi’s to have healthy, sustainable homes, and we need brilliant young minds and hard workers to achieve this.

Every day we work hard at FMI to create a well-oiled machine from our manufacturing plants to all of our other departments. We have many cases of longevity in this company because of our culture and care, for each other, for our customers and for the work we do and create at FMI.

We are a flat organisation which means you are able to approach differing individuals with anything you need, and this makes for an easier work environment as well as access to the flow of information.

At FMI, what is important is being able to have autonomy in your work, building solid relationships with those you work with and your bosses is important, as well as job satisfaction. We want people to enjoy working here at FMI, so we try to incorporate social activities/morning teas and celebrations where we can. 


At FMI, we do our utmost best to take care of you and your individual needs.

In this case, we offer some benefits that may be of interest to you:

  • Expand your career
  • Pay and Reward
  • Learn and Develop
  • Health Subsidies
  • Employee well-being
  • Save your money

I Am Hope

Changing attitudes around Mental Health

I Am Hope aims to promote positive attitudinal societal change around mental health throughout New Zealand, offering hope and a voice to young people.

FMI proudly support Gumboot Friday – Helping connect young people with counsellors or therapists. All donations made to the Gumboot Friday Fund directly support kids in need.

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