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Disrupt the Construction Industry in all the RIGHT ways with a Career at FMI Building Innovation!

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Looking to join a renowned company at the forefront of supplying, manufacturing, and innovating world-class building solutions in New Zealand?

Look no further!

We know the building and construction industry hasn’t always gotten it right when it comes to sustainable practices and environmentally friendly innovation, but this is definitely changing.

And it’s largely thanks to companies like FMI Building Innovation (FMI), who’ve made it a proactive part of everything they do!

Keep reading to learn more about how these leaders put sustainability first and how you can join them on their mission for a better NZ!

Who is FMI?

FMI is proud to be Kiwi-owned company, and achieving the status of New Zealand’s leading provider of exceptional building solutions is a testament to their dedication and hard work. From their modest origins in Timaru, they have established a strong empire in both Auckland and Christchurch and continuing to expand and innovate is all a part of their daily grind.

FMI specialises in supplying materials and components to support the building and construction industry in New Zealand, with a core focus on creating safe, joyful, and healthy homes. FMI believes in Kiwi’s having access to affordable and effective building solutions.

FMI has one sole owner who not only pushes for the values and beliefs that encompass everything FMI, he designs, creates and brings employees, clients and NZ on a journey into the next step of the construction industry.

Building a More Sustainable NZ

Undoubtedly, the fast-paced rate at which the world operates is exhausting our planet’s resources. Recognising how and where sustainability could be achieved is the first step to FMI’s main goal. FMI have identified this and put countless years, research and man-power into the innovative company you see today. FMI not only recognise a way forward but have taken on the responsibility of being part of the solution.

Their latest sustainability project focuses on introducing net-zero carbon buildings, which generate 100% of their energy needs on-site, into Aotearoa at a feasible cost for Kiwis. FMI is committed to supporting market transformation towards net-zero carbon buildings and improving New Zealand’s building code for new homes, aiming to achieve greater overall energy efficiency across the country.

Zero Energy houses contribute to decarbonisation and enhance New Zealanders’ health, well-being, and cost-effectiveness in their homes.

Despite the clear benefits for consumers and the wider community, the awareness and adoption of energy-efficient homes, including Zero Energy houses, still need to be improved and FMI have taken this leap forward with their Zero Energy Home build.

FMI recently published a research paper discussing their findings in the first volume of their Fenestration publicationwhich lays out extensive details on where New Zealand is today and our brighter future with the Zero energy home.

Striving for a balance between economic growth and reducing their carbon footprint. FMI acknowledges that the sustainability journey is a work in progress, with continuous daily learning.

Look into FMI, it may be the bright future you were searching for!

Manufacturing is a large industry to get into; if you’re hands-on and keen to learn, then the manufacturing industry is the career for you.

FMI Building Innovation has multiple different factories, which means many different options for you to choose from. Entry into the manufacturing sector is varied with many different roles, so there will be an opportunity here, no matter what pathway you choose.

What better company to get involved with than an innovative one? Find out more and check out the current opportunities available with FMI right here.

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