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Staying Safe, Staying Smart: FMI Building Innovation’s Commitment to Health & Safety

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FMI Building Innovation (FMI BI) has thrived on the ingenuity and passion of countless Kiwis for over half a century.

This dynamic team of diverse backgrounds and experiences has helped shape FMI BI into the exceptional company it is today. At the heart of this enterprise lies its people, who are the lifeblood that keeps the wheels turning, meeting demands, and improving products.

The safety and well-being of these dedicated individuals are paramount. In this blog, we’ll delve into FMI BI’s unwavering commitment to health and safety.

Safety in Every Step: A Culture of Care

In the world of manufacturing, risks are inherent. FMI BI recognises this and, with great diligence, implements measures to mitigate risks and enhance employee safety.

The journey begins from day one, with new employees receiving a comprehensive health and safety induction.

This initiation equips them with an awareness of potential hazards on-site and the controls in place to minimise risks.

NZQA Qualifications: The Key to Industry Excellence

One pivotal element in FMI BI’s commitment to employee safety is the focus on NZQA qualifications. These qualifications are the cornerstone of professional development in the New Zealand job market and play a pivotal role in several aspects of the industry.

Here’s why they are so crucial:

  1. Recognising Excellence: NZQA qualifications are a mark of excellence in the industry. They signify that an individual has undergone specialised training, met rigorous standards, and gained valuable skills and knowledge.
  2. Future-Proofing Your Career: These qualifications are not just for the present; they serve as an investment in the future. In a rapidly evolving job market, having NZQA qualifications can open doors to a broader range of opportunities and provide job security.
  3. Gearing Up for Specialization: FMI BI ensures its employees receive NZQA-based training specific to their roles. This could encompass training for Gantry Crane Operation, Forklift Operation, First Aid, Working at Heights, Chemical Handling, and more. Specialised training equips employees with the expertise needed to excel in their roles.
  4. Keeping a Record of Learning: NZQA qualifications are applied to a record of learning, offering an accessible and comprehensive way to track your professional development. This record can be invaluable for future employers, demonstrating your commitment to growth and excellence.
  5. Enhancing Safety Procedures: FMI BI’s commitment to health and safety extends to ensuring the right procedures are in place and are regularly reviewed. NZQA qualifications play a significant role in ensuring that these procedures align with industry best practices and that employees are well-equipped to implement them.
A Culture of Well-Being: Supporting Mental Health

At FMI BI, the care for employees’ well-being goes beyond physical safety. Mental health is equally prioritised. FMI BI understands the importance of a healthy mind in a productive workplace and offers various support services.

One standout feature is the Employment Assistance Program (EAP). This program is a lifeline to those in need, offering 24/7 self-help access and live conversations with professionals.

It covers various topics, including counselling, financial advice, career guidance, and legal assistance. It’s a testament to FMI’s commitment to the holistic well-being of its employees and their families with the service available to both.

Stay Safe With FMI Building Innovation

FMI Building Innovation’s commitment to health and safety extends far beyond the workplace. It encompasses comprehensive training, adopting NZQA qualifications, and providing robust support services for mental well-being.

As we’ve discovered, the safety and well-being of employees are at the core of FMI’s mission, ensuring that every individual is equipped for a thriving and secure future.

With the backing of a company that prioritises safety and well-being, employees at FMI BI have the tools they need to succeed and flourish. Find out more, including how you can join these safety leaders at their dedicated employer profile.

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