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ANZCO Foods is one of New Zealand’s largest exporters with an annual turnover of $1.64b and nearly 3,000 employees globally.

Established in 1984, ANZCO Foods is a multinational company that undertakes a variety of activities including farming, processing, manufacturing and marketing New Zealand beef and lamb products to the world. It also produces sophisticated manufactured food and healthcare products.  


1984 Founded
3,000 Employees
80 Export Countries

Why join ANZCO?

ANZCO Foods is a vibrant company focused on sharing its premium products with the world, being as efficient as possible and being a great place to work. This is supported by our purpose and values

Meet Amber

Amber Kururangi | Supervisor Lamb Further Processing

The things I enjoy most about my role are the daily challenges, no two days are ever the same, and the people I work with and get to meet.

I started working for ANZCO in 2003 in the further lamb processing area. In 2010 I moved into a team leader and trainer role in packing, then advanced to the quality assurance team in 2014. In 2017 I was appointed to my current role – supervisor in lamb further processing looking after a team of 35.

As I’ve moved through different roles in the organisations I’ve developed skills that have enabled me to grow and establish my career.  The people I’ve worked with have made the biggest impact through training and support and giving me the confidence to do my job.

In my current role, I work closely with the slaughter board team to ensure that the products we provide are to the highest standard.  It’s also really great working with a range of people in different areas of the industry, including the Ministry for Primary Industries, technical people and auditors to ensure that our procedures and processes are compliant.

The most significant changes I’ve seen in my 16 years with ANZCO are major improvements in health and safety.

I’m passionate about success and I strive to do, and be, my best. I aim to have a positive go-forward attitude in everything I do.


Meet Weiwei

Weiwei Zhang | Sales Executive (China)

I joined ANZCO four years ago in a project role doing in-market research about China. From there I became a sales coordinator supporting beef and lamb sales to China before taking up my Sales Executive role in October 2018.

My progression in the company has allowed me to understand the primary industry supply chain which aligns perfectly with my degree and career goals. The project I worked on gave me the opportunity to explore customer demand and preferences along with trends for beef and lamb in China. In my next role I got the opportunity to understand ANZCO’s export trading while working with relevant stakeholders. This provided a solid foundation to grow my confidence and ability to handle a wide range of situations for the executive role.

Since I joined the business I’ve seen a number of changes that have improved my role and wider the business including the use of a tool to help us optimise the sales and planning process, which gives us improved information for better discussion and decision making; and a change to a functional focus providing us all with a clearer picture to achieve common targets.

Two people have been especially instrumental in my development in the business – Tim Raines Head of Sales and George Guo Sales Manager China. They have given me the space to work out my own style and they have both helped and acknowledged my effort and growth. Their approach and encouragement to my development has shaped the way I’m working with the new sales coordinator where I aim to guide and encourage independent thinking, along with a willingness to face challenges.

I enjoy the meat industry where people work hard to make sure every product is of the best quality and is delivered correctly.

I’m passionate about delivering our meat to China so more people can enjoy ANZCO products. Our products are sourced from nature, and I have a role to support industry growth from global demand in a sustainable way.

Meet Sam

Sam Nossiter | Supply Chain Administrator

I’ve always been interested in the meat industry and agriculture. There are opportunities to learn and develop.

I started working at ANZCO in 2014 with holiday and part-time work. When I finished University in 2019, I took up a full-time role as Supply Chain Administrator before also taking on planning for two sites. I also look after freight supplier invoicing and management as well as reporting and other related-administration work.

The wider logistics team has helped grow my understanding of the sea freight industry and I’ve also got involved with learning more about and helping, with the procurement function. I have taken on more responsibility and hope the role will continue to grow into new opportunities.

I enjoy working in the operations/supply end of a business which reflects my area of study (supply chain management in global business). It’s a good work environment and team.

In the last year, the company started rolling out a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and that’s creating new challenges and opportunities for our team and the wider business.

Our team works with a number of other groups including sales where we work together to get their sold product to the customer when required. With finance, we manage and pay the freight and other supply chain suppliers. We also work closely with the sites about loading out the product that’s been sold and needs to be transported.

Overall, I think having passionate and keen colleagues helps to motivate everyone and creates a good working environment. 

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