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Meet Nicholas, Financial Accountant Control Analyst with Alsco Uniforms

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“Everyone was so warm and welcoming; I knew I’d chosen the right workplace.”

It’s our pleasure to introduce Nicholas, a professional number cruncher whose official and very fancy job title is “Financial Accountant Control Analyst” with Alsco Uniforms.

After successfully transforming his high school interest in mathematics into a rewarding career, Nicholas wants to share how you can find your perfect role, too (with no complicated calculations necessary)!

Join Nicholas, as he tells us all about:

  • Getting hands-on with Power BI and other “super cool” data manipulation tools!
  • His inspiring career progression from Graduate Accountant to Financial Accountant Control Analyst.
  • How it feels to succeed in a career you’ve been chasing since high school.
  • His utilisation of support of the Chartered Accounting Studies.
  • How expanding on his existing passion helped him explore new data-related avenues!


Find Out More

Alsco Uniforms provides a range of commercial products. However, they’re mostly in the business of tailoring uniform-related solutions to the needs of their diverse range of clients (and yes, the tailoring pun was intended).  Boasting over 27 branches and 48,000 happy clients in New Zealand alone, they’re who Kiwi businesses turn to and trust when they need to look their sharpest.

However, it’s not just external beauty that Alsco Uniforms promotes; their vibrant company ethos is designed to uplift their employees, too! Emphasising core values like integrity, respect and teamwork, the team at Alsco Uniforms want to help you reach your full potential and feel great while doing it.

Find out more about all the good they’re doing at their employer profile.

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