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How to Land Your First Retail Job: Insider Tips From the Pros at The Just Group!

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Whether you’re a student looking for a flexible part-time job or someone eager to kickstart their career journey, retail can be an excellent starting point.

Many students ask us how they can get their first role in this vibrant industry.

And to help you get the full insider scoop, we sat down with Brita Goodwin, General Manager of People & Culture – Retail with The Just Group.

(Basically, THE VIP to ask about this!)

Let’s get stuck into everything she had to share.

Why Retail is a Great First Job

Retail jobs are often seen as an ideal entry point into the workforce for several reasons:

  • Essential Work Skills Development: They provide an opportunity to develop essential skills valuable in any profession. From communication and teamwork to problem-solving, retail roles offer diverse experiences that contribute to personal and professional growth.
  • Flexibility: Many retail positions offer part-time hours and flexible scheduling options, making it easier for students to balance work with their studies and other commitments. Whether you’re juggling classes, extracurricular activities, or personal responsibilities, retail can accommodate your schedule.
  • High-Quality Customer Service: Customer service is a skill that will set you up for life – so many roles require us to work with diverse groups of people. Customer service underpins retail careers and will definitely help you stand out on applications.
  • Confidence Boost: Because of the variety of tasks, activities, and people you’ll be exposed to, retail careers can do wonders for your confidence! From speaking to new people, sharing ideas, working through problems, and delivering results, there are many ways to boost yourself!

Insider Tips from Hiring Managers:

So, we know retail offers you many benefits as a first-time job starter. But how do you land your first gig?

We know it can often be a competitive space. To help you learn more about maximising your chances of success, Brita Goodwin, General Manager of People & Culture – Retail with The Just Group, shares her expert insights below.

So many careers start in Retail. That’s how I started, whilst studying I decided that I loved the retail vibe and then combined my work experience and studies to build a great career.

Retail is such a rewarding industry where you learn so much, every day is different and you get to work with great people and products.

If you are enthusiastic, love our brands and can share that passion with customers through connecting with them and selling them a fabulous outfit; then there is a career for you.

We love when people come into our stores and express interest in working for us. Some of our best team members were our customers first. Visit your local store and speak to our teams. Make sure you show case your excitement for our brands and how you would interact with our customers. This is what will help you stand out from the crowd!!

Here are Brita’s top tips:

  1. Showcase Your Enthusiasm: During the application and interview process, convey your genuine passion for the brand and the retail industry. Hiring managers appreciate candidates who demonstrate enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the products and services they represent.
  2. Communication is Key: Strong communication skills are essential in retail roles when interacting with customers and collaborating with team members. Practice active listening, maintain eye contact, and articulate your thoughts clearly and confidently during interviews.
  3. Be Proactive and Adaptable: Retail environments can be fast-paced and dynamic, requiring employees to be proactive and adaptable. Highlight instances where you’ve demonstrated initiative, problem-solving abilities, and a willingness to learn and adapt to new challenges.
  4. Do Your Research: Before your interview, take the time to research The Just Group’s brands, products, and values. Familiarise yourself with our company culture and mission statement, and be prepared to discuss how your skills and experiences align with our goals.
  5. Dress the Part: First impressions matter, especially in retail. Present yourself professionally during interviews by dressing appropriately and adhering to The Just Group’s dress code standards. A neat and polished appearance reflects your professionalism and attention to detail.

Explore Opportunities with The Just Group:

If you’re ready to take the next step in your retail career journey, we invite you to explore exciting opportunities with The Just Group!

As a leading retail company with a diverse portfolio of brands, they offer a wide range of roles and career paths for motivated individuals like you.

We are always looking for great Sales Assistants and this is the best way to get to know the brand and company. You can then progress your career into Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Visual Merchandising positions. There are also lots of opportunities in our Melbourne Support Office in areas such as Finance, Buying or Human Resources. The career pathways are endless in retail and we offer training and development along the way to help you get there. Take the first step and come and speak with us in store or apply for positions online today!

Visit The Just Group careers page to explore current job openings, learn more about their brands, and submit your application online.

Whether you’re interested in fashion, accessories, lifestyle products, or homewares, there’s a place for you at The Just Group.

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