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No Downs Only Upwards With Downer’s Sustainability Promise!

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Most of us know how important sustainability is – for our homes, schools and workplaces – to ensure we live in ways that support our planet and natural environments.

But what does sustainability mean at a broader level? How do we apply sustainability to business – or our careers?

Sustainability is something Downer NZ is BIG on prioritising. So, we decided to pick their brains and learn more.

What Do We Mean By Sustainability?

In the broadest sense, sustainability is “the ability to maintain or support a process continuously over time.”

In business, sustainability seeks to prevent the depletion of natural or physical resources so they’re available for the long term. Sustainability in this context is usually broken down into three key areas of concern:

  1. Economic
  2. Environmental
  3. Social

But you might also see sustainability referenced concerning your career. In this context, sustainability can refer to:

  • The longevity of the company you work for and the need for their services.
  • The long-term capacity to work in a given role.
  • Growth and progression opportunities available within a specific career or organisation.
  • The long-term validity of your qualifications and certificates before they might need updating through things like professional development.

Sustainability at Downer NZ

At Downer, they prioritise sustainability under the three key areas mentioned above. This means:

  1. Economic: Sustainable and profitable growth and providing value to customers.
  2. Environmental: Delivering services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
  3. Social: Helping teams to be better and advancing the communities they operate in.

Downer operates in sectors closely connected to population growth and urbanisation. This includes roads, rail, light rail, other public transport, power, gas, water, telecommunications, health, education, defence and other government sectors.

Downer is proud of their role in creating more sustainable cities and improving the quality of life in Australia and New Zealand. They are also heavily involved in providing services for social infrastructure such as schools, universities, hospitals, public housing and other government areas such as defence.

Social Sustainability in Action

Social sustainability is all about giving back to our communities and unique groups in the ways they need – and that best support them to achieve their goals and meet their needs.

In February 2022, Downer announced a new three-year partnership with the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.

The purpose of the partnership is to not only support the mental health and well-being of Downer employees but also enable the Mental Health Foundation to do more of its great work and reach more people.

Guided by the Māori concept of te whare tapa whā, which describes well-being as including physical, mental, spiritual and family health, Downer has implemented various initiatives in New Zealand to change the conversation around mental health and support their people and their whānau.

And – of course – Downer NZ partners with Explore Careers to create inclusive, accessible opportunities for young people NZ-wide to get the best start in their careers!

Find Out More

Downer’s services impact millions of lives every day, and the sustainability of their operations is paramount – for their people, partners, shareholders, and customers.

Downer knows that sustainability on all fronts is fundamental to their long-term success.

Ready to discover what a sustainable career with Downer NZ could look like? Head to their dedicated employer profile for current job openings and much more!

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