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We are Programmed

You’ve probably seen us around, but we thought it might be a good time to say hello.

We are part of your community, with branches all across the country.

Even if you are located as far north as Kaitaia or on Stewart Island, the last stop before the Antarctic, we’re there for you.

We’re everywhere really… Maintaining buildings and grounds for some of New Zealand’s most important landmarks, managing all manner of property assets; from schools, farming projects and industrial, to commercial and retail sites for some of the biggest brands in the country.

Programmed employs people from many diverse backgrounds in equally varied positions. Indoor jobs like finance, marketing and operations to those on the road like project management and business development. And if the great outdoors is your cup of tea, check out the many opportunities we have in trades.

Our journey began over 65 years ago, with one van and a few painters. Today Programmed employs over 20,000 people across New Zealand and Australia providing all kinds of services, from painting, signage, grounds and building refurbishments. We also look after industrial and facility maintenance and are New Zealand and Australia’s leading provider of managed workforce and training services.

Our continuing growth means there is an opportunity for you to develop and grow with the company. With Programmed, we’ll help you on your journey throughout your career.

For us it’s all about our people. Programmed has a long and proud history of employing apprentices and we are always looking for great local talent to join our team.

We are Programmed.


100+ Branches
20k Employees
1951 Founded

Career Pathways with Programmed

Partnering with schools to create pathway opportunities for students

It’s our people that make us a leading provider of operations and maintenance services across all industries in New Zealand and Australia.

Programmed Property Services is passionate about sourcing great local talent for our paint business and working with schools to engage with more young people to consider a career in trade operations.

Career Insight Sessions

At Programmed we have many successful and inspirational people working in operations who all have a different story to tell about their career journey so far. As part of a career insight session we can organise some of our managers and trade staff to talk directly to the students about what they do, their career journey so far and the career paths available within Programmed and the paint industry.

Work Experience Opportunities

Programmed supports and provides development opportunities for students who wish to gain work experience within their chosen field. Our aim is to ensure that each student walks away with a greater understanding of the work carried out by Programmed and to assist student in their decision making as to whether this is an ideal career path.

Programmed would working closely with the school to promote and identify students who are interested in a work experience placement during the school term and/or over the summer break.

Career Pathway Opportunities

Programmed has a long and proud history of employing apprentices. Programmed will work with the school to explore opportunities to offer real opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career with us.

Apprenticeships can help individuals gain real, meaningful qualifications. While undertaking formal training from accredited training providers, apprentices also have a chance to get “hands-on-training” while on the job and will get to put their skills into practice.

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Moanaroa Station's Beauty Secret - New Zealand
The opportunities are ENDLESS with Programmed!

Inspiring change

Why Programmed? At Programmed, you’re valued for who you are.

We’re 100 per cent committed to you. This means we pursue gender equity, both in pay and job opportunities. Each day we take steps to ensuring gender balance within our workforce because we want to be known as an employer of choice for women.

Every day new opportunities unfold for women in Programmed; in trades and in office-based roles. There are many opportunities for leadership and learning; for fulfilling ambitions, following passions and discovering real joy.

Come join Programmed and be among the many women finding true satisfaction in jobs that do not always follow traditional career paths.

Make your story a part of ours as we broaden mindsets, empower young women and inspire change.

Meet Safiyah

A career in painting is more than just a job

At Programmed our aim is to partner with leading secondary schools to broaden mindsets, empower young girls to expand their subject choices, build career aspirations and encourage and inspire more women to consider a non-traditional career path.

Meet Safiyah, Apprentice Painter at Property Services Palmerston North NZ who tells us a little bit about herself and what a typical day at work looks like, what inspired her to choose a trade and what her plans are for the future.

Tell us a little bit about your background, what inspired you to become an apprentice painter?

I used to do hairdressing, then moved into retail managing a clothing store for a few years. I wanted a change and I liked the idea of always working in a different place and being able to be active and creative while at work.

Would you say being a female in a trade is a challenge or an opportunity?

I think being a female in a trade is an opportunity. It’s a good career path and I think females have a good eye for detail.

What do you enjoy about working at Programmed?

Programmed is by far the best painting company I have worked for. When I first started, I was given a bag with all the tools I need, a uniform and a new set of work boots. It’s a professional company and we have a really good team here in Palmerston North. I prefer commercial work rather than new builds, which I was doing for a year before joining Programmed.

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day for me involves coming to Palmerston North early in the morning with my foreman as we both live in Masterton. We then meet up at the yard with everyone and get our jobs for the day which usually involves washing, servicing or repainting. From schools, to hospitals, farmhouses and supermarkets. We are always busy and getting the job done!

What are your career goals and what steps are you taking to prepare yourself for your future career?

My career goals are to become a fully qualified painter. I have been painting for three years but am only starting an apprenticeship now thanks to Programmed giving me the opportunity. One day I would like to have my own decorating/ interior design company that is all female staff!

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