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Agricultural & Horticultural

Moana New Zealand is the largest māori-owned seafood company and the second largest seafood company in terms of quota volume and value in New Zealand.

We are unique in that we are the only organisation that is owned by all māori (58 iwi across New Zealand).

Established in 2004 as Aotearoa Fisheries Limited through the Māori Fisheries Act, Moana New Zealand is an important part of the inter-generational Māori Fisheries Settlement with the Crown.

The nature of that Settlement means that māori will always be involved in fisheries; activities and investments have a long-term perspective that is respectful of fisheries and the ecosystems we are part of.

Our settlement assets will never be sold. Moana New Zealand must pay dividends to its shareholders of at least 40% of profit, with the balance retained to invest in growth opportunities for future generations. Shareholder dividends are then used by Iwi to fund their own social agendas.

Our ability to pay dividends and to manage assets in a commercial manner is directly linked to the successful management of New Zealand’s fisheries.

We are committed to working with our iwi shareholders to grow their investment in the seafood sector through joint initiatives such as the Iwi Collective Partnership and the Port Nicholson Fisheries lobster joint ventures.

Our Story

Our story is of ‘true connection’. True provenance, true to nature and true for generations. It shows the connection between our people, our product and our place. The interconnectedness shows the responsibility of sustainability sits with all of us. We all have our part to play in reducing our impacts on the environment, be that at work, within our communities and at home.

With one of our core values being kaitiakitanga, we recognise the importance of going above and beyond what is legally required of us. To be kaitiaki today requires investing in not only lessening our footprint but where we can also support activities that regenerate people and nature.

Being true to our values requires being a responsible, ambitious and innovative company that invests in the right initiatives to underpin our future operations and profitability.

As a seafood company, Moana New Zealand depends on thriving fish stocks and on harbours for our farming operations. These occur in the natural marine environment that we have minimal control over. What we can control is how we interact with the environment and our associated behaviours. We can also encourage partners to share in our journey to bring about change.


True to nature- takenga tūturu

Bringing you New Zealand’s most sought-after species of blue abalone, wild abalone, fin fish, lobster and oyster. Seafood as good as it can be, brought to market with a lightness of touch that preserves and protects its pure taste and rare magic. Like you were there and caught it yourself.

Working at Moana NZ

Aquaculture – (Tio & Paua Kahurangi)

Oysters (Tio)- We are the largest oyster farmer and exporter in the country and our responsibility as kaitiaki to sustainably produce and harvest shellfish is not a responsibility we take lightly. We have an ambitious target to double our oyster production by 2026 and we have invested $21 million to grow oyster farming and operations capability and meet this target.

Moana’s oysters are farmed in the pristine tidal waters of New Zealand. Our Pacific oysters perfectly capture the freshness and vitality of the waters they are harvested from.

We operate oyster farms from the Far North through to the Marlborough Sounds, with one of the strictest water quality assurance programmes for shellfish in the world.

Paua Kahurangi (Blue Abalone) – a pure and untainted blue abalone direct from the cool, clean waters of Bream Bay, New Zealand.

True to provenance. Our abalone farm is supplied with some of the highest quality ocean seawater in the world through a natural deep-water intake.

Our unique abalone (Haliotis iris) or pāua, as named by the Māori people of New Zealand are distinct for their clear white meat encased within a beautiful blue shell. Its subtle taste and firm texture reflect the superior quality of the water supply, rich in natural nutrients.

Ika (Inshore)

Paua Tuwa & Kai Ora (Wild Abalone & Ready to eat)

Tari Matua (Group Functions)

Grow Your Career at Moana NZ

Moana NZ invests in its people, training and coaching you from day one to help develop your skills and career, whether you start in an entry-level role or already come with skills and qualifications. We are committed to developing homegrown talent and supporting our people to explore different career paths and discover their potential and ability through different experiences and a diverse range of roles. Steve Tarrant our current CEO is a great example of being able to grow your career at Moana. He started on the factory floor and worked his way up our inshore business in various roles, developing his leadership, technical and business skills. 2018 he was appointed CEO of Moana NZ.

Explore your own backyard

Working in the seafood industry is an adventurous way of life, where no day is the same. The industry is radically changing, and Moana is leading the way in innovation and technology, transforming they way we operate and do business every day. Living and working in some of the most beautiful regional locations Aotearoa has to offer; e.g., Northland, Ruakaka,  Nelson or the Coromandel.

Discover the Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands lie 750 km to the east of New Zealand’s South Island.  Moana NZ is one of the biggest employers on the island,  which is home to a small community of people, surrounded by pristine waters,  that are world renowned for their rock lobster (crayfish), paua (abalone) and blue cod, that are sustainably harvested on these islands.

  • Get outta town, meet new friends and learn new skills, while you earn and explore a more relaxed lifestyle.
  • Live & work on the Chatham Islands and explore the unspoiled waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean, and the cultural treasures and intriguing history of this remote Island.
  • Our Chatham’s operation is focused on premium kai moana. Right from the time of catch, up until the time of dispatch, we have processes and systems in place to ensure our premium fish remain in prime condition until it reaches our customers across Aotearoa and internationally.
  • The jobs are focused on processing seafood; grading, cleaning and packing of fish, paua and sometimes lobster. A critical part of this role is ensuring the highest standard of food safety and quality, following all health & safety processes and practices, and working as an effective and reliable member of the team. From quality control and labouring duties to cleaning and supporting landings and loadouts, these are physical roles that requires focus and commitment and at all times.
  • You don’t need experience, as we employ entry level workers who we train in processing of seafood and as knife hands. You just need a great attitude, to be fit and healthy and keen to learn and be part of a team.

Learn & Earn

Aquaculture is an expanding industry worldwide and offers plenty of opportunities, with unlimited potential for growth and the chance to live in some of Aotearoa’s best regions – Coromandel, Nelson and Northland.

If you’d rather be working in the fresh air than sitting in an office, aquaculture could be a good place to start your working life. Like other types of farming, the field requires a lot of practical know-how, and what better place to get it, than working for a premium oyster farm business at Moana NZ.

Moana is leading the way by integrating new ways of working and innovative technology into our operations, to support future growth ambitions and the increasing worldwide demand for our premium oysters.

Key to our growth is the transformation of our farms with the adoption of a new and ground-breaking oyster growing system called flip farm.

  • Flip Farm System & Farm Workers
  • No day is the same. You might find yourself checking stock on farms, growing and harvesting oysters (Tio), removing old infrastructure to make way for cutting edge, new flip farm system or assembling oyster baskets and undertaking general farm, yard or shed duties.
  • You have the opportunity to learn from industry pioneers and be part of a close-knit team and be part of a rapidly growing aquaculture sector.
  • No experience needed. Start at an entry level and as you learn and upskill you have the opportunity to earn more. Moana invests in the growth of our Farm Workers to develop skills and achieve the following qualifications.
  • Skippers Licence
  • Hiab
  • Tractor
  • Tallys
  • Forklift

Ika & Tio Factory roles

With factories in Mt Wellington, Wiri- Manukau City, Coromandel, Chatham Islands and Ruakaka there are a diverse range of jobs that support our operations and our commitment to deliver the freshest seafood t our customers locally and around the world.

You can choose from a  number of different jobs in our factories:

  • Process Worker
  • Kinfehand/Filleter
  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing Rep
  • Forklift Operator
  • Packer
  • Supervisor
  • Inwards Goods
  • Unload & Driver

Working Monday to Friday, you will typically start early, and end early i.e., 6:30 – 3:30  am. Breakfast is provided, and we have a range of full time and part time roles to offer flexibility.

If you thrive working in a team, are active, keen to learn  and work with great people then a shore-based factory role could be a great starting point to learn about seafood processing.

Types of Jobs

Factory Operations Retail Operations Group Functions & Management Technical
Ika, Tio & Manufacturing Kai Ora Ika only Group Offices & Site Based Nelson & Palmerston North
Process Worker (entry level and experienced)



Nightshift Reception (receives and unloads fish deliveries)

Inventory and Dispatch

Retail Assistants

Truck Drivers

Factory Supervisor

Retail Assistants

Cool store Operators

Repairs & Maintenance



Supply Chain

Transport & Logistics





Retail Manager

Retail Supervisors

Retail Assistants;

–       Casual

–       Part time

–       Full time


Factory Management

Area Management

Food Services & Operations

Health, Safety & Wellbeing


Divisional Managers

Resource & Supply

Quota Management

Executive Leaders

People & Culture

Communication & Digital

Commercial & Finance


Innovation & Marketing

Sales & Business Development

Business Intelligence

Information Technology & Project management

Customer Service

Account Managers

Key Account Managers – specialist channel i.e., Food Service

Export Sales




Food Technology

Hatchery technicians

Nursery Technicians

New Product Development


Scholarships & Youth Programmes

Global Fisheries Scholarship

  • The Global Fisheries Scholarship Programme is a jointly funded training and development venture between Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited (Te Ohu Kaimoana) of New Zealand of which Aotearoa Fisheries Limited (Moana New Zealand) as the commercial arm and an international fishing company, Nippon Suisan Kaisha Limited (Nissui), of Japan.
  • This prestigious scholarship focuses on developing the skills of Māori in the business, science, operational and technology sectors, so that these skills can be applied in New Zealand’s fisheries and seafood industries. Successful candidates will travel to Japan to complete a scholarship programme.
  • The scholarship programme is designed for Māori who have either a serious interest or some experience in the seafood industry or international relations, or who are recent graduates looking to build a career in the fisheries and seafood industries. If this sounds like you, then you are strongly encouraged to apply.

Te Pae Tawhiti Kaimoana Enhancement Scholarship

Te Pae Tawhiti Kaimoana Enhancement Scholarship is designed for Māori who have a desire to contribute to the enhancement of the Māori kaimoana industry. To be eligible, applicants must be of Māori descent and be accepted into and enrolled in a kaimoana enhancement related tertiary programme at a tertiary institution.

Summer Internships

Moana NZ launched its inaugural Summer Internship Programme in 2021.

We acknowledge our connection between nga tangata and me te taiao (people and environment) which are to be honoured for future generations. Led by the tikanga and to be true to our value of kaitiakanga we enable our people to be kaitiaki across operations, and we work with partners to bring about change, collaborate to solve key sustainability challenges and build a business for the future.

We launch our inaugural Summer Internship Programme in 2021. We offered three students the opportunity to join Moana NZ and gain hands-on experience in sustainability or premium food manufacturing. Each internship offers a specific focus area from new product development, business intelligence and project management through to data analysis and designing new ways of working, processes and/or systems.

Our internships are a great learning experience, where students can apply their theoretical knowledge in the business world, and start to build their professional network and realise their potential in a real life working environment.

Internship Focus Areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Performance & Reporting
  • Harvest Footprint
  • Innovation & transformational projects

Ko ngā mea ka hiahiatia e koe kia angitu te haere |What you’ll need to be successful:

To be eligible, you need to be enrolled in a tertiary institute, available to commit to a 10-week program that starts in November and ends in February and  have the legal right to work in Aotearoa.

Technical knowledge

  • Critical thinker
  • Team player
  • Problem Solver
  • Effective communicator and listener

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