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You Don’t Need a Plan to Find Success at Alliance Group!

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Despite not knowing what she wanted to do when she left school, Greta has firmly landed on her feet with the help of Alliance Group!

While the industry is surrounded by many misconceptions about ‘who’ should work there, Greta quickly learned that there were more opportunities to learn, grow and develop as a professional than she initially thought – and she hasn’t looked back!

Join our chat with Greta now and discover:

  • More about who Alliance Group are and what they do.
  • What Greta’s role involves, how she got started and what a typical day might look like.
  • Some of the misconceptions about the industry and why there’s so much more to get involved in than you might realise with Alliance.
  • How you’ll learn new skills and grow as a professional with the support of Alliance.
  • How Alliance embraces and celebrates different cultures and diversity in their workplaces.

It’s clear Greta has found the best place for her to keep building a successful career – and you could too – with Alliance Group!

Find Out More

Alliance Group is a great place to work for people who want to make a difference in the agricultural sector.

They are committed to making a difference for families and communities and supporting people to build rewarding careers in the red meat sector. Strong organisational culture and values are essential to creating that environment.

Explore the opportunities available now via their exclusive Explore Careers employer profile.

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