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Turn Your Career Ideas Into Career Realities As a Downer Graduate!

31 May 2023
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Leaving school, Eva Hall had one strong idea for her career in mind: to work as part of a collaborative team.

But she wasn’t quite sure what that might look like!

After finishing her degree, she landed a role as a Graduate Engineer with Downer and a whole new world of opportunity opened up to her! With the support of Downer she’s been able to steer her career down entirely new paths she never would have discovered otherwise.

Join us in our chat with Eva and discover:

  • More on who Downer are, what they do, and how they innovating the infrastructures of our entire communities!
  • How Eva got started with her role in Downer and what the graduate engineering program involves, and the different projects she gets to be a part of.
  • Why studying helped Eva open up her initial ideas about what she wanted to do and led her into a whole new career pathway!
  • What some of the misconceptions and stereotypes are in the industry, and how these are being broken down – especially through organisations like Downer who welcome diversity throughout their teams.
  • Some of the programs Downer offers to support inclusive, positive workplace culture.

Eva also shares her best advice for anyone out there looking to make those important career decisions – and just a handful of the ways you can kickstart an exciting career like hers with Downer!

Find Out More

For over 150 years, Downer has been developing, building and maintaining some of this country’s most iconic infrastructure that contributes thoway we all live and work.

But what makes the difference and shapes their success as a company is the melting pot of amazing people from all walks of life. Different strengths, skills and perspectives, all working together.

Discover where a role with Downer could take you with their dedicated Explore Careers employer profile!


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