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No Work Experience? You’re More Skilled Than You Realise, Says Datacom!

06 December 2023
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When starting and applying for jobs, seeing the phrase ‘experience required’ can be frustrating.

The good news; with some minor tweaks to your resume, you can highlight the core skills that employers are seeking WITHOUT direct experience.

How you ask? Keep reading for expert tips and guidance from the team at Datacom!

Personal Qualities Above Skills

Many employers, regardless of industry, will say they prioritise the right mindset and personal attitude above and beyond work experience.

We hear it all the time – employers know they can teach you the skills needed to do the job well, but they can’t teach you to be motivated and passionate to learn and be a part of their team!

When it comes to your personal qualities, these are the things employers look for:

  • Attitude: being enthusiastic and motivated for the opportunity and taking direction well.
  • Communication: Being positive, professional, and representing their organisation positively.
  • Collaboration: Being able to work well in a team.
  • Learning agility: Keen and eager to learn and grow the necessary skills required

During your time at school, through volunteering, community projects and even your hobbies, you’ve been developing these qualities without realising it!


When drafting your resume or preparing for an interview, you should consider how you have demonstrated the above qualities and how you can link them to the role you’re applying to.

For example, if the job ad asks for strong teamwork skills, focus on the opportunities you’ve had in school to be a part of a team and highlight these on your resume and cover letter. It could be team sports or school band, event planning, being a school leader, leading group projects, starting a club – anything where you’ve connected with others to achieve something.

You should also think about what you’ve gained from activities like;

  • Extracurricular activities like sports, academics, and even gaming require collaboration, communication, and problem-solving (another great skill to showcase!).
  • Any public speaking or presentation opportunities, as these demonstrate confidence and a willingness to step up.
  • Any awards of achievements you’ve been recognised for – in and outside of school.
  • Your subject selections, especially if they align with the industry you’re applying to, can help show your commitment to and interest in the company in the long term.

All the above items can help you create a strong framework for your resume.


Now that your CV is taking shape, you need to consider the technical skills that you can bring to an organisation.

The primary technical skills that will help set you up for success are all within the Microsoft Office Suite, including:

  • Outlook (email, meetings)
  • Microsoft Teams (Instant messages, file sharing, calling)
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel

If you haven’t had exposure to these tools, start practising now!


If you’d like to go the extra mile and stand out in a recruitment process, there is a brand-new way you can gain experience and certificates through virtual work experience!

Organisations have developed Virtual Work Experience Simulations to showcase what it’s like working in their organisation – these cover technical and non-technical areas. They can range from 2-4 hours of self-paced learning, and many are free.

Some are more entry-level, while others may require prior knowledge. But they’re all a great way to boost your learning, skills and resume.

Keen to learn more? Discover Daratcom’s newly launched virtual work experience for high school students right here.


Finally, you must ensure an employer can succinctly get all this information from your resume. Try to utilise bullet points and a clear structure. Break up your resume into sections that clearly highlight your qualities and skills:

  • Personal Summary: Why you want to join the organisation (highlight the key skills above)
  • Technical and Professional Skills (Bullet Pointed – remember to consider the key professional and technical skills listed above)
  • Certifications and Awards
  • Work Experience (if you haven’t worked casually yet, you can use this section to talk about projects at school or the virtual Work experience simulations you have completed!)

You can bring a lot to an organisation once you sit down and think about it. Remember to be yourself, and don’t forget everyone has to start somewhere!

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