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09 September 2019
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We caught up with Jordan from Glascott Landscape & Civil and Marsupial Landscape Management to find out about the exciting job opportunities available.

Glascott Landscape & Civil is a commercial landscape specialist

We create spaces for the public; places you may visit in your neighbourhood to significant public spaces. What we do affects lots of people; it enriches lives and that’s why we are committed to creating beautiful space.

Our business started 30 years’ ago as a man, a dog and a Ute. Since these humble beginnings we’ve moved to become one of Australia’s largest contractors with operations in NSW, VIC, QLD and the ACT…and we continue to grow.

Even as a growing organisation; we’ve retained the same values from our early days. Every employee is valued and is part of a team. We all pitch in to help one another to get the job done. No matter how big our organisation becomes; it’s important to us that everyone shares the same values of commitment, real and integrity.

Our projects

We specialise in large scale landscape and civil construction projects for builders, government bodies, developers, architects and contractors. No two projects are ever the same.

Have you ever walked along Riverside Park in Brisbane? Have you been to
Manly Beach? Have you ever played sport at Rockley Oval in Googong, NSW or Charlestown Oval in Lake Macquarie, NSW? Do you know Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour? Driven along the Brisbane Airport Link? Have you got siblings who’ve played in Rosebud Playground on the Mornington Peninsula (VIC)?

Then you might have seen some Glascott work. Glascott constructed all of the places above and many more. Always in a different capacity. Always doing something different.

We are involved in a range of different projects including:

  • Community assets
  • Heritage and cultural sites
  • Commercial and residential developments
  • Parks, playgrounds, ovals and sports fields
  • Educational facilities
  • Environmental assets
  • Major infrastructure

Our people

Our people are our backbone. We employ people from a diverse range of backgrounds and with differing levels of education. Some of our employees went to university while others completed their apprenticeships or went through TAFE. Some are still studying and some have no qualifications. We support all employees in achieving their aims through Glascott.

Glascott staff are “real” (one of our core values). This means when you work with us; you get to work with a team of genuine people. We’re real people committed to real relationships. We’re easy-going, open and confident about what we do. We aren’t pretentious and being open means you can feel comfortable talking to people at any level of the organisation regardless of their title.

Our careers

Project Management, Estimating, Machine Operations, Landscape Construction, Labouring, Contract Administration, Traffic Control, Site Management.

We aren’t always looking for people with degrees. All the roles listed above are currently held by people without a university education. We start people in entry-level roles and invest and develop in their growth so they can build the skills required for a career.

For those people who have completed university; there are opportunities too. Engineering, Project Management, Contract Administration to name a few. We’ve taken on a number of Engineering Interns and supported them whilst they’ve completed their studies; some have even gone on to be permanent employees.

What about Apprentices? Well, we offer Apprenticeships too. We’re always on the lookout for Landscape Construction apprentices who want to start or continue their trade with us. We offer the chance for our apprentices to build their skills in a commercial; rather than residential space. This sets our Apprentices apart.

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