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Fast Track Your Career With Logistics: 7 Cool Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Do

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New Zealand is renowned for exporting a high level of produce – amongst other things – and the transport and logistics industry is crucial in helping NZ stay on top of their game as a major player in the global import/export economy.

Transport and logistics is essentially responsible for the delivery of a wide variety of goods – both nationally and internationally. It encompasses a variety of transport channels, including:

  • Freight transport
  • Heavy and/or dangerous goods transport
  • Marine and aviation transport

The industry also encompasses logistics which includes:

  • Managing and organising transport, nationally and internationally
  • Transport infrastructures, such as roads, air and rail
  • Customs
  • Couriers, drivers and delivery personnel

Which all sounds great, but where do you even begin to start in such a varied dynamic industry?

7 Cool Jobs to Fast Track Your Career with Logistics

The logistics industry has exponential growth and plenty of job security – from customer services to delivery services, inventory management and storage – there’s no end to where a career could take you.

Here are seven great jobs to explore to help you on your way!

1. Couriers and Delivery Drivers

Couriers and delivery drivers are the final points in delivering an item or items in the entire logistics supply chain. They’re responsible for getting parcels, packages, and deliveries to their destination securely and safely.

Couriers and delivery drivers may work for extensive warehousing and manufacturing organisations or independent delivery services contracted by other organisations. The role is often fast-paced, with a degree of customer service and problem-solving.

2. Freight or Cargo Handler

Freight and cargo handlers load and unload trucks, containers and trains and transfer cargo between ships and other transport and storage facilities. It may also require cross-referencing deliveries against an inventory to ensure everything is where it should be.

These are typically entry-level roles where you can work your way up to senior management. The position requires attention to detail, teamwork, excellent communication skills and time management.

3. Removalist and Storage Specialists

Professional removal specialists are in significant demand – especially those that help commercial businesses or individuals looking to move interstate. Removalists support families, individuals, and corporate businesses to pack, store and transport their possessions from their old property to their new one.

The role requires a keen eye, strong attention to detail and the ability to accurately ascertain the type of support and labour needed to move everything. They might specialise in interstate or international moves or moving specialist equipment such as pianos or other equipment.

4. Importers, Exporters and Wholesalers

Importers, exporters and wholesalers plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate the operations of importing, exporting and wholesaling establishments.

The role usually requires some formal qualifications and specialist knowledge, especially regarding customs and international export.

5. Supply and Distribution Manager

Supply and distribution managers plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate the supply, storage and distribution of goods, products and services produced and used by organisations. They usually oversee a warehouse or several facilities across a location and ensure deliveries go out and are received on time across multiple sites.

They may also review reports and analyse data to understand market trends and make decisions on future supply, demand and distribution needs across their chosen sector. The role typically requires some formal qualifications and specialist knowledge.

6. Inventory Specialist

There’s no point moving products worldwide if no one knows what’s going where and whether it arrives on time! Inventory Specialists have an impeccable knack for organisation, time management and attention to detail.

They work closely with clients and storage facilities to ensure orders are fulfilled accurately and get to where they need to be safely and on time. It can be a demanding and pressured role, but with many rewards.

7. Client Services Liaison

If you’re more of a people person than a product person, you can still secure a highly successful career in the logistics sector. Client services play a vital role across the entire industry. These specialists manage client accounts and liaise with them to help ensure their orders and deliveries arrive on time and where they need to be.

They act fast to resolve supply chain disruptions and keep clients up to date on where everything is for their business. Exceptional communication and customer service skills are a must in this fast-paced role, but we can guarantee no two days are the same!

Ready to Steer Your Career Into Logistics?

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