Logistics is an extremely exciting industry, with leading technology, innovation and opportunity, and there is no better place to start your career than at Toll.

Originally formed in Australia, today we operate in more than 50 countries with approximately 40,000 employees. Being so large and diverse means we can service our customers with a range of transport and logistics solutions at every stage of the supply chain.

So, whether we need to provide warehousing in India, shipping from China to Europe or express parcel delivery around the Sydney CBD, we have the capacity, and we always need talented people with a wide range of skills to help us do just that.


50 Countries
40k Employees
1888 Founded

Key Points

1. Work for the largest logistics company in the Asia Pacific

Being big means we have lots of opportunities available. If you want to combine working overseas with a career, Toll could be for you.
We have more than 1,200 sites in more than
50 countries. So whether you fancy waking up
to the skyline of Sydney, Hong Kong or Singapore, a career at Toll can get you there.

2. We’ve got hundreds of different roles

There’s a great variety of jobs at Toll – whatever you’re interested in, there is a job here for you. From logisticians, diesel mechanics and aeroplane pilots, to engineers, environmentalists and recruitment consultants, if you can think of a job, we probably employ someone doing it.

And there’s nothing to say you can’t start with us as a driver or warehouse operative and end up as a branch supervisor or even general manager – plenty of our senior management started their careers just like that.

3. The logistics industry is going places

It’s a really exciting time to be getting involved in logistics. It’s a growing industry with endless opportunities and it’s only going
to continue to get bigger, especially with developments such as online shopping changing the way we do business. People will always need things to be moved from one place to another and, unlike many other industries, logistics can’t be outsourced offshore and is relatively robust in times of economic uncertainty.

4. You can develop your career at Toll

Toll invests in your career. Whether you want to get qualified while you work, develop your skills in a specific area or gain professional accreditation, we’ll support and train you.

5. We’re one (very) big family

With over 40,000 of us, we’re a pretty big family, but we’re a family nonetheless.
We started out in 1888 as a family business
in Newcastle, New South Wales, and have managed to retain that feel ever since. Our offices, depots and distribution centres around the world are happy, friendly places, where we welcome people from diverse backgrounds with different views and ideas.

6. We love technology and Innovation

Transport and logistics don’t stand still for long. There are always new technologies and innovations needed to help us get items from A to B more quickly, safely and cheaply. We invest a
lot in our equipment, training and fleet to ensure we have the best tools to get the job done. If you like developing innovative solutions or working with technology, you’ll love Toll.

7. You can balance your work and life

We don’t want our people to live to work, but love to work, so it’s really important that your work suits your lifestyle.

8. We care about our environment

We are serious about the role we play in reducing our emissions and the impact we have on our environment. Our Smarter Green program encourages better driving techniques, smarter building construction and the use of vehicles powered by fossil fuel alternatives to help reduce our carbon footprint.

9. Your safety is really important to us

For everyone at Toll, working safely is of paramount importance. From our office-based employees right through to our dangerous goods drivers and handlers, safety is the most important part of our jobs and we all have a role to play as safety ambassadors. We give continual training on safety in the workplace and promote a culture of safety and wellbeing.

10. We value diversity

Respecting others is one of our core beliefs. We value and encourage the contributions of team members with different capabilities, experiences and perspectives. Our aim is to always recruit the best person for the job, regardless of cultural, ethnic or religious background, sexuality, disability or family circumstances. Our commitment to attracting and retaining people with different abilities and experience is reflected in our Diversity and Equal Opportunity policy.

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