John Holland

At John Holland, we are passionate about arming our future leaders with the tools they need to make a longlasting positive change in our world.

For us, it’s about the lifelong benefits our projects bring to our people, our customers, and our communities. As one of the nation’s leading infrastructure and property companies, we are delivering transformational projects across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, including most of Australia’s mega projects.

Our teams are hard at work on the Sydney Metro project and Melbourne’s West Gate Tunnel and Metro Tunnel projects, which will make moving around Australia’s biggest cities easier than ever before. We are also upgrading hospitals, ensuring more patients get the care they need and improving water facilities to safeguard our most precious resource.

There’s no project too big, too small or too complicated – our teams are committed to transforming the communities we work in by finding solutions to complex challenges and opportunities.

Our drive to deliver meaningful change has been part of our DNA for generations. We have a rich history spanning almost 70 years. From building Parliament House to our work on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, we’ve had a hand in the Australia we all know today.

There are many opportunities for enthusiastic changemakers to join our team. Young professionals can grow, learn and achieve in areas including: engineering, construction, project management, finance, technology, communications, human resources, sustainability, rail, safety, tunnelling, property, water and much more.

Our long-running graduate program is highly regarded. The two-year program is about empowering our grads to conquer their dreams. It is all what you make of it – make it yours!


5,000 Employees
1949 Founded

Life at John Holland

Caring is what we do

Caring is at the heart of everything we do. This is a reality because we put people first. Every project we tackle improves communities and makes them a better place to live. From our mega projects like Sydney Metro and Melbourne’s West Gate Tunnel that will get people home faster, to our Broken Hill Pipeline project that delivers muchneeded water to drought-affected outback regions, we do what we do because our caring attitude runs deep.

We’re future-focused

Creative thinkers will blossom in our business as we look to the future to ensure what we do today makes a big difference tomorrow. Being futurefocused is a responsibility we take seriously. Championing a better world means we take a safety-first approach, think sustainably and are original in our ideas. We pride ourselves on doing things differently.

Spark your imagination

Workdays that blur into one? No thanks! We want every day to be different for our people because finding solutions to complex challenges and opportunities calls for it. We know that fresh ideas and pushing boundaries is where the magic happens. From our design teams on the lookout for new approaches, to our Technology, Engineering and Knowledge team who work with some of the best scientists in the country, John Holland is a place to let your imagination run free.

Make it yours

The future is in your hands at John Holland. We are passionate about empowering our employees to make a difference and we encourage our people to be the drivers of their careers and make the most of the opportunities that present itself. This includes our young workforce, which is strongly represented

– almost half of our business is made up of millennials. We also have valuable programs to support our up-andcoming talent that are fun and fulfilling.

Our top-rated Graduate Program

We know it’s important to choose the career that’s right for you and we understand how tricky this can be. Our two-year Graduate Program is a hands-on experience designed to guide our grads on a rewarding journey. Now in its 11th year, more than 700 people have been through the program and many former grads are still with us today working as specialists in their chosen field.

Be brave. Be Bold. Be You

We believe in people realising their dreams, no matter their background or circumstance. We are proud to be working with Indigenous businesses on our projects and are thrilled to have launched our industry-first Pathway Program to help marginalised migrant engineers get a foot in the door. But we know we can do more to create a truly diverse workplace. We already have incredible women working in roles as executives, project managers and engineers and are working on increasing this number.

Make it yours

Transforming lives doesn’t just apply to our projects – it is why we are committed to giving graduates a foot in the door of this exciting industry, where every day is a chance to make our cities and communities better.

We understand that choosing where you start your career is a big decision. That’s why we have designed a Graduate Program with you at the centre – that arms you with the skills needed for a big future in our industry.

It is structured around building your abilities through rotations, learning and development opportunities and support.

The basics:

  • Two year program
  • On-the-job learning
  • Opportunities to network with senior leaders across a diverse infrastructure and property business
  • Offers support to grow your skills in working with others, negotiation and team work.

We work in both metropolitan and regional areas, creating projects that make communities more connected, grow the economy and improve quality of life.

To learn and grow as much as possible during your time on the program, it is essential that you are prepared to relocate. The skills and knowledge that you develop will give you a professional advantage in this competitive industry, wherever your career may take you. We are proud that many of our past graduates are now in various senior roles throughout John Holland.

Our graduate program also offers driven and high-performing graduates the opportunity to fast-track their careers and finish the program early at the 18-month mark.

It is all what you make of it – make it yours!

Meet Our Grads

Meet Maddelon

Meet Maddelon Holt- Smith, Graduate Engineer on the New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility located in Kangy Angy. Maddy studied a Bachelor of Civil Engineering at University of Newcastle in New South Wales.

When did you start the Graduate Program?

I started working for John Holland in 2018 and am currently in the my 2nd Year of the Graduate Program.

Please provide an overview of your Graduate rotations to date:

During the Graduate Program I have worked on the New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility (NIFMF). I completed all three of my rotations while working on the project which covered design management, earthworks, roads, utilities and buildings.

What has been the most interesting thing about your job?

The most interesting thing about my job is being able to solve any issues on the spot and if I can’t find the answer immediately, working with subject matter experts to resolve the issue.

Tell us about your proudest moment whilst on the Graduate Program

It’s hard to pick one, so I’ve chosen two moments, I was chosen to speak about my experiences at John Holland’s International Women’s Day celebrations alongside our Chief Executive Officer, Joe Barr. I was awarded the NIFMF Outstanding Achievement Award by the project for showcasing the John Holland values in my everyday work.

Meet Chi

What discipline and cohort (i.e. 2018 or 2019) are you in?

Infrastructure 2019

Provide an overview of all your rotations to date:

  1. Tunnelling – Plant and M&E Services

In my first rotation, half of the time was about learning and understanding how the tender process works and how/why a TB chosen in some of the key tunnel projects.

I was also very fortunate to be involved in a couple of international tenders during my rotation, including liaising with TBM suppliers and managing plant budget. In this rotation I was able to utilise practical engineering knowledge to work through construction sequences and solve problems independently while part of a larger team.

  1. Melbourne Metro (CYP) – Plant Team

In my current rotation, the main task is tracking fuel consumption for CBD precinct plants. I’m the point of contact between sites and fuel supplier. I’m also responsible for tracking and forecasting fuel expenses.

Based on the data, we can also analyse how fuel is consumed by different plants, which helps in budgeting future projects.

What does your typical workday look like?

On a typical day, the first thing when I arrive at the office would be reading emails received overnight. Then list down key tasks that are required to complete on the day.

Halfway through the day, I will go to sites if time allows, to meet up with site engineers and collect dockets.

By the end of the day I try to spend 5-10 mins to reflect what’s done/not done today and take notes of any important events.

What has been the most interesting thing about your job?

Today I went down the shaft and witnessed our first breakthrough of the project – State Library Station. This was very exciting as everyone on this project has worked extremely hard. This is a great milestone to celebrate.

Working on this project makes me understand more about the amount of work required to build a tunnel and appreciate more when I drive through one.

What are the limitations of your role?

Less exposure to a site environment compared to other site-based engineers.

What is something you wish you knew before you started?

More knowledge about construction and tunnelling, I recommend reading civil journals/magazines. 

How did you prepare for starting on the Graduate Program?

By researching John Holland key projects and gaining general knowledge about the construction industry.

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At John Holland, our commitment to transforming lives extends to all those who work with us – including our employees and subcontractors and graduates. We know that creating an inclusive and diverse workplace attracts the best people for the job, and we motivate and develop outstanding people – regardless of their gender, age or background.

We are committed to ensuring both women and men have the same opportunities within our business, and we are proud to say that we are one of the first businesses in our industry to eliminate the gender pay gap.

John Holland promotes three inclusion and diversity principles:

  1. Our employees are encouraged to be the best they can be. We embrace the unique diversity, skills and perspectives of all employees. We foster a safe, equitable, culturally appropriate and inclusive working environment that allows everyone to achieve their full potential.
  2. Our employees are treated fairly and with respect. We treat everyone fairly and equitably and acknowledge the wealth of experience, knowledge, skills and ideas they bring. We embrace a culture that encourages constructive debate. We listen, engage with and understand our employees as unique individuals.
  3. We are all responsible for diversity and inclusion. Achieving workplace diversity and building an inclusive culture is the responsibility of every employee in John Holland.

With 40% of our Executive team being female, we are passionate about driving diversity from the top down. We understand the value that diversity can bring to our organization, ensuring we are in a stronger position to understand our customers’ needs and to deliver our vision of ‘transforming lives’.

The focus and commitment of John Holland Indigenous Engagement Strategy and Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is to deliver long term, beneficial and reciprocal partnerships on a sustainable basis with Indigenous people, businesses and their communities.

Our commitment is to increase training, employment and supplier opportunities for Indigenous people and to enrich the broader John Holland employee base through building inclusion, understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture and heritage.

Some of our key initiatives include:

  • Celebration of Significant Days
  • Cultural Training
  • Site Visits for local Indigenous school students supporting events such as ‘Career Aspiration Day’ in conjunction with local Indigenous Organisations and schools to inspire Indigenous young people to see the possibilities of a career in the construction industry
  • Pre-Employment Programs
  • Community Engagement
  • Indigenous Business Procurement
  • Established partnership with Australian Indigenous Engineering Summer School, members of Social Traders, Supply Nation and Diversity Council Australia and their Indigenous Corporate Network
  • Indigenous intern programs with Career Trackers

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