We need creative and clever people like you to join us so we can continue creating the world’s greatest gaming experience, every day.

As one of the world’s largest gaming companies, Aristocrat continually pushes the boundaries to create innovative games that entertain our customers in new and exciting ways. Working for a global business at the forefront of its industry means there are endless opportunities for you to take your career to places you never thought possible.

With over 6,000 employees, we regularly take on graduates in a variety of disciplines. Whether it’s using your maths degree to design one of our many games or helping to create a world class poker machine using your mechanical engineering knowledge, we have a range of opportunities. And our roles aren’t just about our games. As with any large business, our central support functions assist the business from such areas as IT, Finance, HR and Marketing.

So, if you’re thinking of studying the following degree, we could have a role for you:

  • Mathematics
  • IT & Computer Sciences
  • Engineering (Mechanical or Electrical)
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Social Sciences


90 Countries
6,000 Employees
1953 Founded

Why join Aristocrat?

We’re a successful business

As a company that’s experiencing tremendous growth, we need to keep up with demand for our products and services. This means we are continually evolving as an organisation, so you never know what’s around the next corner. So you can relax in the knowledge that you’re part of a winning company while also taking advantage of something that’s constantly transforming.

We support you to get where you want to go

Our leaders understand that the team’s success depends in part on the support and guidance they provide, and so they regularly take time to check in with their teams and offer help and coaching where and when needed. This ensures you’ll be able to meet your objectives and contribute to your team’s success.

The work you do will be interesting and challenging

With a suite of award-winning games in our portfolio and plenty more on the way, you’ll be provided with work that will challenge you, building your skills and experience and giving you the knowledge you’ll need for a successful career in the industry.

You’ll have a defined career pathway

Our business structure gives you the ability to progress your career, either upwards or moving laterally to other teams to expand your skills.

You will be setting yourself up for a promising and rewarding career

Through the work you do at Aristocrat and the connections you’ll make, you will be setting yourself up for a fulfilling career where you’ll be able to meet your personal and professional objectives.

Our inclusive and diverse culture means you can be who you are

We understand that having a diverse workforce adds to the depth of our thinking and makes us the thriving business we are. We pride ourselves in being open and inclusive, where everyone can be themselves and is given the chance to succeed.

We’re a global business, meaning we have a range of opportunities across a variety of locations

As a large business across multiple global locations, our people are provided with opportunities to work from our other office locations, which builds their experience and gives you an understanding of how things work in other markets.

The gaming industry is exciting, dynamic and innovative

As one of the world’s largest gaming companies, we’re at the forefront of our industry and stay ahead of our competitors by continually developing new and exciting games. To do that, we need to be innovative thinkers and find new ways of engaging our players. Which means you’ll always be working on something new and dynamic.

Build great relationships

Our success as a company means we attract some great people to our business. Which means the relationships you make here will be people you’ll want to stay in touch with for life, as they’ll be able to guide and assist you throughout your career.

Know you’ll be making a positive impact on those around you

At Aristocrat, we work as a team and know that we each have a vital role to play in the success of the others within our group and ultimately the company. So you’ll experience a great sense of accomplishment and belonging from being part of us.

Studio Life

As interesting and varied as our games themselves, the people at the centre of our success are our most valuable assets. Our studios are diverse and dynamic, with each member playing a unique role in a creative and fast-paced environment.

Artists & Animators

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and, in the gaming industry, the look and feel of our products can make or break their success and longevity. As an Artist or Animator, your role is to develop engaging visual stories for our players using 2D/3D designs. You’ll create designs that bring the Aristocrat experience to life for players around the world.

Software Engineers

As a Software Engineer, you enjoy driving technologies forward to generate new experiences. Naturally Technically minded, your approach to problem-solving inspires those around you.

Game Designers

As a Game Designer, you will conceptualise ground-breaking games and use statistical models and algorithms to keep our products on the cutting edge of innovation. While you develop games mathematically, you will also collaborate directly with every part of the product team, from art and animation to sound and software.

If you know how to combine creativity and mathematical logic, then what are you waiting for?


Nurturing talent and offering opportunities to build global careers at the intersection of technology and creativity is something we’re proud to do at Aristocrat.

Interested? Get in touch.

The Innov8 Program

The award-winning products created by our teams are the foundation for our success and therefore, it’s paramount that we continue to invest the very best up and coming creative talent. That’s where the Innov8 program comes in. An entry-level program for game designers and game product managers, you’ll be fully immersed in our world and develop a lifelong arsenal of skills. If you’re passionate about games and looking for long-term success with us – we want to hear from you.

Training & Development

A career with us will provide you with global opportunities like no other.   Not only do we invest in graduates from day one, but we also ensure that your growth and development continues well into your tenure. If you’re looking for strong mentorship and opportunity to grow and nurture your talents – we want to hear from you.

There are currently no jobs available

Unfortunately there are currently no positions available at Aristocrat, please check back soon.